Finding a Job: Prepared Enough?

If you are armed with the credentials and the right attitude, finding a job should be fairly easy. But then again, in the cutthroat job market – we spell that as rigid competition in a setting where employment is scarce, things are rather easier said than done. A good resume will serve you well but you need a practical guide in plotting your route.

Yes, finding a job these days is difficult and by the looks of it a great dose of patience will take you there: a decent career. Read along and see where the roads open up for you.

As far as leading the way to various jobs available, the classified ads section of newspapers will never fail you. National newspapers have broader, more varied recruitment sections and they attract larger employers and stable companies. But do not discount the local newspapers. Smaller companies based in your locality will advertise their jobs in local newspapers as they are more affordable compared to hiring services of an agency or an employment website to handle their recruitment. It might surprise you that there is less competition going in your area for the kind of work that you are gunning for.

Same going with newspapers, the Internet is highly accessible these days. And we are taking of convenient job-hunting because you need not leave the house and dress up to submit your resume. Even, with the advent teleconferencing facilities and instant messaging services, initial interviews and exams are conducted online. And then the idea of working from home as an Independent Contractor might appeal to you. The band of freelancers managing home offices are here for some time now.

For want of greater chances, think of anyone that may be able to refer you to their employer. And your friend will be too happy to take you along. There are larger organisations which offer bonuses to employees for suggesting a candidate for a job. Be very good and never fail your friend. Else, she’ll regret the moment, the bonus notwithstanding.

However, the pride burning in you wants finding a job the hard way – your way. By all means, do the works and the walk. Start by making a really impressive, weighty curriculum vitae then make a list of employers that you would like to work for and send or personally deliver your CV (with a neat cover letter) to the Human Resources departments of these companies. Do not forget to follow it up with a phone call.

True, hard work pays but there are less-stress options, too. How about visiting a recruitment agency and hand over your Resume? Basically, it cuts the chase because they will do the career-company matching for you. Be wary though of extra fees that some recruitment agencies charge for their kind of services.

And when it comes to accepting the job, it all comes back to the right attitude. Be sure of your career and personal goals. Weigh up the odds and ends. Realize that many people switch jobs to get away from a bad situation. Yes, even in the best workplaces, be very prepared for unwelcome situations to come your way

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