How Effective is Low Cost Web Hosting?

Low cost web hosting doesn’t have to be low quality. A lot depends on the kind of website you have and what you are looking for from a hosting company. If you decide that you need more disk space then you might want to think about private web hosting or dedicated web hosting. For most people, providing the up time is ok, shared web hosting is sufficient for their needs and will cost less than the other two options.

The web hosting companies are quite powerful because they know that without them much of what is on the web would cease to exist and this means that they will sometimes charge over the odds for their services. Whether this low cost alternative is effective depends on whether it is doing what is needed for your site. One of the problems for website owners is when a hosting company experiences down time that is way in excess of the vast majority of its competitors. In this instance, it could well be a false economy.

When the server goes down this means that visitors cannot find your website and you can’t access it either. Low cost web hosting that has less than 99% uptime, i.e., time when your website is accessible for visitors to find it online, is not cost effective. If your website is down you don’t get the traffic, which means that someone else could well be capitalising and getting your business. There is a difference between low cost web hosting and free hosting, if you opt for free web hosting then they can put their own advertisements on your site, more to the point if there is a lot of down time with free hosting, again, it can harm your business.

If you don’t intend running a forum or online community on your website, and if you don’t need a lot of disk space, then low cost web hosting may be sufficient for your needs. Check out the reputation of the company you are thinking of using, if they have a good reputation then all well and good, providing your site does not get too busy low cost hosting may be fine for now.

One of the problems with some low cost hosting options is that although the up time is ok, it can take a while for certain web pages to load and again, this is not good for your business. Website visitors get impatient and if they keep landing on a site where the pages take too long to load then they will just click onto another website. It may also soon start effecting your ranking within search engines, as site speed is soon to become a factor.

Low cost hosting is fine when your business is new and most of the traffic on the internet has not yet accessed your site. If your site becomes popular or if you sell a product that is in high demand then there may come a time when low cost web hosting is not really sufficient for your needs. Most people start with low cost web hosting and then migrate to private or dedicated hosting as their site grows. There’s no point in overspending for services you need, but you have to have the flexibility to move on when required.

Author Bio: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer living in the UK. He regularly contributes articles for 111WebHost, who offer industry leading Unlimited Web Hosting solutions.

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One Response to “How Effective is Low Cost Web Hosting?”

  1. Johnny Pest Says:

    I would be wary about low cost web hosting as you are probably getting what you pay for. Unreliable service can kill any website especially if you offer e commerce on your site. I would spend the extra money to make sure your site is always up and running.