Three Simple Things You Need to Sell Anything Online

Imagine…Getting Paid, to sell stuff to people who are already looking to buy….from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. There are millions of people searching Google, Social Media and YouTube for Information. They are looking for someone to solve their problem. And you could have the answer they are looking for. So here are the 3 simple things you need to sell anything online, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Here are 3 Simple Things You Need To Sell Anything Online.

A Lead Capture Page

An Email Auto-responder

A Blog

And that’s how simple it is…You know it doesn’t have to be hard. But guess what?…people over think what is needed for online success. There are thousands of people starting internet businesses every single day. And thousands Fail everyday.

The problem is that most people just jump straight into a business without thinking about what they are getting. Most online offers you need knowledge on Html, web design, sales & marketing, shopping cart integration and more. I know this first hand. I’ve spent over $30,000 on Internet programs in the past. I must admit, 80% of them were worth the money, but that’s if you wanted to lock yourself away for months at a time studying and learning everything about Internet Marketing. I’ve learnt and see a lot of programs over the years and here are the 3 things you really need for online business success..

Lead Page:

You want to have a Lead Capture Page, to collect the email addresses of your prospects. The landing pages needs to have a Call to Action and enough information that will entice the person to enter their email address.


An auto-responder is an automatic email that goes directly to your new lead that just registered via your landing page. Autoresponders can be pre-set and you can create a number or a series of emails to go out at a certain time, for example Day 1,3,5,7 & 10 etc. You want a way to contact your prospects using the power of leverage, technology & automation – so that your follow up messages continue to work – when you are taking a break.

A Blog

A blog is your online business, just like this one , Loucrative Business is a blog. The blog is the place that people will get to know, like and trust. If you create awesome content, articles, blog posts people will like it, share and come back to get more of what you have.

Your blog is the place where the money is made. You get paid for your creative ideas, your creativity and whatever you are selling, marketing or promoting. This is your business. and a business is an investment, of time, money and education.

A Blog allows you to communicate with the world. Whether you are a teacher, an musician, a Mum or Dad or are really good at creating excel spreadsheets, there are people searching online looking for something. And you know?…they may find you in Google or on Bing, or Youtube and BOOM!..they’ve found your blog post. And thats how people find you.

If you target a specific keyword, for example ” Wedding Dress Alterations Sydney”…the likelihood is that someone types that exact phrases in to Google, and if your page was in the search engines, then your post will be found.

It can be any subject or topic you like. Whether you enjoy cooking, snowboard or are a great offering parenting tips, a blog is an authentic voice. It is your voice. My suggestion is to blog about a subject you are passionate about. Ask yourself “What do people ask your advise on?”…What are you an expert at? How can you add value to people lives on online…what do you know? people are search for the answer. They are searching for you…so give it to them.

A blog is your way of building your own ‘something special’. You can see your own products on a blog, sell as an affiliate or may not want to earn money and just have it is as a hobby.

How to Start your own Blog

Now you have 2 options.

1. is to do all this yourself, which takes a lot of time learning and implementing

2. Get someone else to do it all for you.

Most people that aren’t Tech savvy will choose the 2nd options. When you start an internet business you don’t want the headache of the set up and the website and hosting and payments etc. It needs to be a simple. Usually it isn’t and many people end up frustrated and give up. I almost gave up when I first started. But I knew once I got through the hurdle hurdles I would be ok and then I could focus on just creating great and interesting posts. I am still learning.

Starting your own online business allows you three things

1. Work For yourself,

2. Be Your own Boss

3. Make Money from Home

4. And Sell, anything to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Imagine…Getting Paid, to sell stuff to people who are already looking to buy….from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube..And that’s what blogs do. You write interesting blog posts, add some nice images, perhaps a video and publish your blog. that blog post will be up and on the internet for years to come. Once you’ve your blog post, then you can share this on social media, article directories, wherever you choose.

So in summary , if you want to start your own blog and dont want the headache of the set up, autoresponders and landing pages, then click here to find out more. For only $27 a month you could be blogging and within a sort time be earning a lucrative income with your own website, your own product and your own life. Do it NOW. Watch get a blog today green

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Author Bio: Lou Harty is a successful entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, and regular contributor to a number of online and offline investment publications and blogs. She is a successful speaker and renowned for her hands-on education techniques across a wide variety of investment, Internet and Business strategies. Lou attributes her passion, drive and discipline to her 20 Year career in the Australian Army training soldiers. My Business Blog you can see more about me here.



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