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Taking Action To Build Your Online Business - Why You Must Implement What You Learn

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by: Connie Ragen Green
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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 Time: 7:03 AM

Taking action on what you learn will help you to build your online business quickly. The key to success with this is to implement what you have learned as soon as possible. Decide what it is you need to learn, begin putting the steps into action, and then step back to review what you have accomplished. Let's break this down further by looking at some examples.

Imagine that you are brand new to being an online entrepreneur and need to set up a new website to get your business off the ground. The first step would be to find out what platform is being used by most people working online in this way and to learn as much as possible about it. In your quest for information you are likely to find that hosted Wordpress sites are the norm at this point in time.

The next step would be to learn a step by step process for setting up Wordpress sites and begin doing this for yourself. At some point you could encounter technical problems and at that time you may seek out someone to help you achieve your goal. By implementing what you have already learned you are able to make this decision in a logical way. I have observed too many people who simply continue to learn more and more and never get to point of implementing what they have learned.

Now it's time to step back from the process and review what you have done so far. Let's say that you were successful in obtaining a domain name and hosting for your new site, and were even able to install Wordpress through your cPanel. This is a major accomplishment when you are new to online business, and is further than many people get during their first few months online.

Now you will want to learn more about choosing a theme for your site, installing a few plugins to make it possible for you to customize your approach, and to add some content on your topic. By taking some time to explore your options when it comes to themes and plugins, and then implementing what you learn as quickly as possible, you will have made major progress towards your goals.

You can see that this type of step by step approach makes everything easier, and is the best way to start a business online that has a good chance of success. I recommend doing this in everything you encounter as an online entrepreneur.

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