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Time Management Tips - How You Can Use Collaboration To Increase Your Priority Power

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by: Paula Eder
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Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 Time: 12:01 PM

Time management tips' success depend on your constructive work relationships with others. Collaboration is a complex and highly rewarding skill to master. So when you work in tandem, keep these significant variables in mind.

To combine forces as effectively as possible, think in terms of dependencies. When you do, your Priority Power will rise appreciably.

A. Thinking In Terms of Collaboration and Dependencies

Perhaps you have encountered the project management term, "dependency" before.

When you embark on a project with other participants, the "dependency" is a person who is not a member of your central work team, but who contributes significantly to your reaching your objective. Anytime you prioritize steps to take, you must factor in and account for dependencies.

For example, let's say that you work closely with a few different departments at your job. You need to establish a working budget every quarter, so you look to the finance department to supply you with accurate figures. Because they generally take about a month to assemble and present you with the necessary data, prioritize your request. Therefore, you need to make it well in advance of your due date. This way, you get the data you need with time to spare.

B. When You Play a Prominent Role In Others' Plans

And of course, others depend on you as well.

In one scenario, your daughter needs your help in assembling her costume in the next school performance. In order for her to to succeed, she trusts you to provide essential support. As a result, you prioritize this task very highly indeed! Your love and respect for your child and acknowledgment that she relies on your assistance induces you to schedule the work in right away.

C. The Benefits of Considering Dependencies As You Schedule And Assign Priorities

Thinking in terms of dependencies and consciously welcoming them as you structure your collaborative work rewards you in more ways than one.

1. Chances are that your productivity increases with every incremental step forward.

2. The more you think in terms of coordination, the more understanding you develop of the entire working system. In the same way that defensive driving helps you view the traffic patterns more astutely, you'll find that a holistic overview of your workplace helps you establish more realistic priorities and due dates.

3. Finally, note how staying attuned to others' needs and time constraints often promotes good will and flow. As you understand others' priorities, they may in turn relate with more sensitivity to yours. Your time is enhanced, you become more efficient and effective, and general morale increases.

Remember, there are always new ways to develop more productivity while clarifying important relationships.

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